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Mayan Artistry   
from hand weaving
to hand beading

What Makes Us Different

Personal Touch

We are a family business based in both the U.S. and Guatemala with over 30 years experience in Mayan handicrafts.

The Mayan Tradition

All our products are made in the highlands of Guatemala by Mayan artisans.  creations  follow their colorful centuries tradition.

Humanitarian Outreach

Over the years we have developed close relationships with our Mayan artisans, especially single mothers. We take pride that our support has helped them achieve a better quality of life, providing them with improved shelter and education for their children.

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Glass Bead Necklace Multiple Pellets

A sample of some of our products

Guatemalan Handmade Leather Textile Belts
Hand Beaded Glass Beads Bracelet
Handmade Glass Beaded Multi Color Anklet
Black Handbeaded Handmade Tasseled Necklace with Multiple Stones
Guatemalan Handmade Textile Sling Purses
Guatemalan Handmade Textile Water Bottle Holders
Handbeaded Glass Bead Multiple Strand Necklace with Stone Pieces
Guatemalan Handmade Assorted Purses Glass Cases Cellphone Holders Hand Crocheted Purses
Guatemalan Handmade Textile Purses
Black Glass Beaded Handmade Necklace With Black Stones and Tassels
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