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Black Handbeaded Handmade Tasseled Necklace with Multiple Stones
Guatemalan Hand Crochet Purse
Guatemalan Handmade Backpack Multi Color
Mayan Handbeaded Natural Stone Multi Color Necklace
Handbeaded Guatemalan Turquoise Pendant Necklace
Mayan Multi Color Glass Bead Natural Stone Necklace
Guatemalan Handmade Textile Purses
Guatemalan Mayan Hand Bead Natural Stone Necklace

More samples of our over 200 products.....all handcrafted Mayan made!

Handmade leather belts in various styles and sizes
Handbeaded Glass Bead Multiple Strand Necklace with Stone Pieces
Guatemalan Design Handmade Small Purse
Mayan Handmade Glass Bead Bracelets
Handmade Personalized Name Bands
Personalized Handmade Name Bands
Mayan Glass Bead Natural Stone Bracelets
Hand beaded necklaces in various styles and lengths
Handmade leather belts in various styles and sizes
Guatemalan Handmade Camera Purses
Mayan Handmade Beaded Natural Stone V Necklace
Handmade hand beaded anklets. Attractive stand out.
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